Table of Contents

PHP Hacks
By Jack Herrington
Pub Date: December 2005
Pages: 468

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      Why PHP Hacks?
      How to Use This Book
      How This Book Is Organized
      Conventions Used in This Book
      Using Code Examples
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        Chapter 1.  Installation and Basics
      Section 1.1.  Hacks 12: Introduction
      Hack 1.  Install PHP
      Hack 2.  Install PEAR Modules
        Chapter 2.  Web Design
      Section 2.1.  Hacks 310: Introduction
      Hack 3.  Create a Skinnable Interface
      Hack 4.  Build a Breadcrumb Trail
      Hack 5.  Create HTML Boxes
      Hack 6.  Add Tabs to Your Web Interface
      Hack 7.  Give Your Customers Formatting Control with XSL
      Hack 8.  Build Lightweight HTML Graphs
      Hack 9.  Properly Size Image Tags
      Hack 10.  Send HTML Email
        Chapter 3.  DHTML
      Section 3.1.  Hacks 1126: Introduction
      Hack 11.  Put an Interactive Spreadsheet on Your Page
      Hack 12.  Create Pop-Up Hints
      Hack 13.  Create Drag-and-Drop Lists
      Hack 14.  Build Dynamic HTML Graphs
      Hack 15.  Section Your Content with Spinners
      Hack 16.  Create Drop-Down Stickies
      Hack 17.  Create Dynamic Navigation Menus
      Hack 18.  Obscure JavaScript Dynamically
      Hack 19.  Build a DHTML Binary Clock
      Hack 20.  Tame Ajax with JSON
      Hack 21.  Make a DHTML Slideshow
      Hack 22.  Add Vector Graphics with PHP
      Hack 23.  Build a Color Selector
      Hack 24.  Create Link Graphs
      Hack 25.  Create an Interactive Calendar
      Hack 26.  Create the Google Maps Scrolling Effect
        Chapter 4.  Graphics
      Section 4.1.  Hacks 2733: Introduction
      Hack 27.  Create Thumbnail Images
      Hack 28.  Create Beautiful Graphics with SVG
      Hack 29.  Simplify Your Graphics with Objects
      Hack 30.  Split One Image into Multiple Images
      Hack 31.  Create Graphs with PHP
      Hack 32.  Create Image Overlays
      Hack 33.  Access Your iPhoto Pictures with PHP
        Chapter 5.  Databases and XML
      Section 5.1.  Hacks 3450: Introduction
      Hack 34.  Design Better SQL Schemas
      Hack 35.  Create Bulletproof Database Access
      Hack 36.  Create Dynamic Database Access Objects
      Hack 37.  Generate CRUD Database Code
      Hack 38.  Read XML on the Cheap with Regular Expressions
      Hack 39.  Export Database Schema as XML
      Hack 40.  Create a Simple XML Query Handler for Database Access
      Hack 41.  Generate Database SQL
      Hack 42.  Generate Database Select Code
      Hack 43.  Convert CSV to PHP
      Hack 44.  Scrape Web Pages for Data
      Hack 45.  Suck Data from Excel Uploads
      Hack 46.  Load Your Database from Excel
      Hack 47.  Search Microsoft Word Documents
      Hack 48.  Create RTF Documents Dynamically
      Hack 49.  Create Excel Spreadsheets Dynamically
      Hack 50.  Create a Message Queue
        Chapter 6.  Application Design
      Section 6.1.  Hacks 5166: Introduction
      Hack 51.  Create Modular Interfaces
      Hack 52.  Support Wiki Text
      Hack 53.  Turn Any Object into an Array
      Hack 54.  Create XML the Right Way
      Hack 55.  Fix the Double Submit Problem
      Hack 56.  Create User-Customizable Reports
      Hack 57.  Create a Login System
      Hack 58.  Apply Security by Role
      Hack 59.  Migrate to MD5 Passwords
      Hack 60.  Make Usable URLs with mod_rewrite
      Hack 61.  Build an Ad Redirector
      Hack 62.  Add a Buy Now Button
      Hack 63.  Find Out Where Your Guests Are Coming From
      Hack 64.  Import Information from vCards
      Hack 65.  Create vCard Files from Your Application's Data
      Hack 66.  Create a Shopping Cart
        Chapter 7.  Patterns
      Section 7.1.  Hacks 6778: Introduction
      Hack 67.  Observe Your Objects
      Hack 68.  Create Objects with Abstract Factories
      Hack 69.  Flexible Object Creation with Factory Methods
      Hack 70.  Abstract Construction Code with a Builder
      Hack 71.  Separate What from How with Strategies
      Hack 72.  Link Up Two Modules with an Adapter
      Hack 73.  Write Portable Code with Bridges
      Hack 74.  Build Extensible Processing with Chains
      Hack 75.  Break Up Big Classes with Composites
      Hack 76.  Simplify APIs Using a Façade
      Hack 77.  Create Constant Objects with Singletons
      Hack 78.  Ease Data Manipulation with Visitors
        Chapter 8.  Testing
      Section 8.1.  Hacks 7985: Introduction
      Hack 79.  Test Your Code with Unit Tests
      Hack 80.  Generate Your Unit Tests
      Hack 81.  Check for Broken Links
      Hack 82.  Test Your Application with Simulated Users
      Hack 83.  Test Your Application with Robots
      Hack 84.  Spider Your Site
      Hack 85.  Generate Documentation Automatically
        Chapter 9.  Alternative UIs
      Section 9.1.  Hacks 8694: Introduction
      Hack 86.  Create Custom Maps with MapServer
      Hack 87.  Build GUI Interfaces with GTk
      Hack 88.  Send RSS Feeds to Your IM Application Using Jabber
      Hack 89.  IRC Your Web Application
      Hack 90.  Read RSS Feeds on Your PSP
      Hack 91.  Search Google by Link Graph
      Hack 92.  Create a New Interface for Amazon.com
      Hack 93.  Send SMS Messages from Your IM Client
      Hack 94.  Generate Flash Movies on the Fly
        Chapter 10.  Fun Stuff
      Section 10.1.  Hacks 95100: Introduction
      Hack 95.  Create Custom Google Maps
      Hack 96.  Create Dynamic Playlists
      Hack 97.  Create a Media Upload/Download Center
      Hack 98.  Check Your Network Game with PHP
      Hack 99.  Put Wikipedia on Your PSP
      Hack 100.  Create a Weather Showdown

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